Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Same Old, Same Old?

Well, here it is 2007, but it sure feels the way 2006 did. Does that say something about your scribe, or is there a more general truth involved?

It's true that yours truly is in a somewhat grumpy mood today. I ascribe that to an attack of happiness envy, because the recent posts of two of my favorite people are brimming with joy and good news. Diana Peterfreund, the AuthorWhiz, has had a fabulous year - which no one should begrudge her, because she deserves it all, and more - and the AuthorBabe is free of the finally-ex and probably brown as a berry from her cruise to the Bahamas last week with her new love, who appears to have a great talent for towel origami - check it out at her website, saraclaradara. Again, one is truly delighted at her newfound happiness, and there is not an ounce of begrudgment (heck, it's a new year - let's indulge ourselves in a neologism) in my present mood.

But as I walk the streets of Greenwich, the New Year looks depressingly like the old one. The headlines still read like last year's, only worse - 3,000 US servicemen and -women dead in Iraq and counting (see the AB's commentary at Saramerica, her alter ego). Rudeness is still rampant, and on the increase; I suppose I should be glad that the yahoo I encountered last week at the Greenwich Library is a relatively isolated phenomenon, as opposed to the wholesale trashing of the Maplewood Memorial Library in NJ by rowdy students every weekday afternoon (today's New York Times, front page - Lock the Library! Rowdy Students Are Taking Over). Their solution, as the link suggests, is simply to close the doors from 2:45 to 5 pm on school days. Life in general seems, to coin a phrase, to be going from bad to worse. And if all that ain't bad enough, I, your humble scribe, still have no Sailor Boy or The WebMeister equivalent to whom I can grouse when I am grumpy and with whom I can share and enjoy the many good things still left in life. Humpf.

Thus on both the personal and the national/international front it still feels like 2006. We're still saying "Happy New Year" to each other, and will continue to do so for a few more days, but at the moment it sounds like a weak velleity rather than a robust statement of fact - to my ears, at least.

But better a weak velleity than none at all. Happy New Year!


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