Thursday, June 19, 2008

Does She or Doesn't She?

Only her hairdresser knows for sure. And perhaps Susan Bysiewicz, Secretary of the State of Connecticut.

Lee Whitnum was all over the local airwaves this morning, loudly proclaiming that she has enough signatures to force a primary with Jim Himes for the 4th Congressional District here in the Nutmeg State. Secretary B acknowledged that Ms. W had roughly half the needed number as of yesterday morning, with more signatures still being checked. Ms. W has called a press conference in Norwalk for this afternoon, at which she will presumably claim that she is now entitled to force a primary.

Though from Connecticut, your scribe is also from Missouri on this topic. Does Ms. W really have the necessary sigs? 'Twill be interesting to see what the official word is from Secretary B.

Meanwhile, Ms. W is buzzing around as manically as ever. She accosted your scribe this morning in the library and told him she "has a bone to pick" with him. But as she traipsed back and forth from terminal to printer, perhaps already printing campaign materials at Greenwich taxpayers' expense, she did not elaborate. Then she flitted out, on her way to whatever appointment with destiny awaits her. The bone will apparently have to be picked at a later date.

Your scribe was interested to see that Ms. W seems to know who he is, despite her earlier assertions to the contrary. When he wrote the post, "The Silly Season Gets Sillier," [2/15/2008 02:05:00 PM] back in February, he received the following communication from Ms. W:

Lee Whitnum here. Bill I don’t know who you are you and I don’t recall ever meeting you. You are a liar.

Ouch! Plenty to be pained about here, from the regrettable grammar and syntax to her lack of sound memory to the childish (and manifestly incorrect) name-calling. Ms. W and your scribe go back several years, to a spot not twenty feet from where she was standing this morning, where we were introduced by a mutual friend. Ms. W whipped out a business card and presented it to your scribe in honor of the fact, as she put it, that we were both authors. (After she left, the friend filled the scribal ear with tales of Ms. W that cannot be repeated in a family blog. Not that this is a family blog, of course; but your scribe does have his journalistic standards, and unlike Ms. W he does not descend to trash talk.)

And so, dear reader, the question remains: Does she or doesn't she? No doubt we will find out soon enough. If she does, we will have the entertainment of watching a primary race between her and Mr. Himes. If she doesn't, the legend of Lee Whitnum will be the richer by yet another chapter. Stay tuned!


Blogger Malicious Intent said...

So glad you have some journalistic standards, however, I don't! Ha! I get to have more fun!

I must say old chap, there are a lot of incredibly arrogant, ignorant, pompous asses in your town. This no doubt keeps your investigative skills sharp and you busy.

I need to invent and patent a high speed cup cake shooting device. High icing ratio to target delivery is a must. Best to use fruit cake (not to mention fruit cake has so much more symbolic meaning to it for such purpose)as it will not fall apart on impact but rather leave a nasty bruise for sure.

June 20, 2008 11:07 AM  
Blogger Bill Clark said...

I must say old chap, there are a lot of incredibly arrogant, ignorant, pompous asses in your town.

Yes, there are, M.I., but there are also a lot of very nice people around here. The overall problem, as I would diagnose it, is that some people have more money than is good for them, and it goes to their heads. It makes them think they are better than other people, and that it gives them the right to tear down historic houses so they can build ugly McMansions to gratify their overweening egos.

Time was when these parvenus would be given the cold shoulder by the real social leaders in town, like the late Dottie Bush, who were just as down-to-earth and old-shoe as you and I are. Unfortunately, their generation has pretty much died out, and the town is now flooded with Eurotrash and hedge fund yahoos.

All one can do is shine the literary light of pillory and scorn on these types, so that the right-thinking folk (who are in the vast majority in Town) can keep their moral compass straight and not be swayed over to the side of the ungodly.

I use the word "pillory" advisedly, as your idea of tying recreants to a flagpole and letting fly with aerodynamically-improved cupcakes is very much akin to our ancestors' method of putting people in stocks on the Town green and getting rid of all their rotten fruit and vegetables in a throwing contest. Ah, those were the days!

June 20, 2008 12:42 PM  
Blogger Malicious Intent said...

Certainly brings the term "Bad Apple" to light with the rotten fruit thing. And yes, my cupcake plan is a modern day version way of saying "You suck!" Which is also a more modern term.

Of course there are good folks up there, otherwise the bad apples would get no attention because no one would care, such as you for instance. :)

June 20, 2008 3:45 PM  
Blogger Barrie said...

I am very curious to know about the bone.

June 21, 2008 11:47 AM  
Blogger Bill Clark said...

Yeah, Barrie, me too.

I suspect it may be related to my unfavorable review of her book in my earlier post about her (click on the green link).

She did send me a long and rambling comment back in February, which was such an off-the-wall rant that I spared both her and my readers the embarrassment of publishing it. The first sentence is quoted in this post, and it goes quickly downhill from there....

June 21, 2008 1:39 PM  
Blogger saramerica said...

Unfortunately there appear to be enough Democrats out there who didn't do their homework on Ms. W and signed the petition.

I suspect they will live to regret having their names on the public record as having supported her when the Lee- or wait, is it the Marianne Cook? - we know her true colors.

June 25, 2008 7:32 AM  
Blogger Bill Clark said...

Oh, Sarah, you are so sarcastic this morning! I can't understand why?!

Speaking of the public record, I have not been able to find exactly how many valid signatures our beloved bimbo actually had certified by the Sec of the State. Do you know?

June 25, 2008 9:50 AM  

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