Friday, March 06, 2009

The Virtual Local Rag?

Signs of the times: the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, owned by the very same Hearst Corporation that owns our very own local rag, AKA Yellowwich Time, may soon stop printing their paper version, and move to an Internet-only version. Hmmm...just think, dear reader, of all the trees that would be saved hereabouts if Hearst decides to do the same with the local rag.

Think, too, of the lower level of visual pollution around our fair Town, with no blaring misspelled headlines trumpeting incomplete if not downright incorrect "news" stories, habitually slanted to protect the guilty and defame the innocent. If a person wanted to continue read the drivel that has plagued our Town for years, he or she would have to go online to get their jollies. And the rest of us could live our lives in peace.

The other alternative facing the Seattle paper is to cease publication altogether. Now there's an idea that Hearst might well want to consider here in Greenwich. Your scribe is sure he is not the only person in Town who thinks that no news is better than the junk that has been shoveled out by the LR for lo! these many years.

Why lose money on a loser paper? That's the question the executives at Hearst should be asking themselves. Your scribe knows the answer he would give, of course....


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