Tuesday, October 12, 2010

58 Million Voters Kicked in the Face by the Democrats

The recent rumors that Social Security benefits will be frozen for the second year in a row because of a purportedly “negative” rate of inflation will very likely cause this powerful bloc of citizens to vote ABD ("Anybody But Democrats") in the forthcoming election. The reason is not far to seek.

Have gasoline prices gone up? Check. Have home heating oil prices gone up? Check. Have electricity prices gone up? Check. Have food prices gone up? Check. Have telephone charges gone up? Check. Have Cablevision prices gone up? Double check. Medical costs? Triple check.

Do seniors benefit from the artificially low interest rates that underlie the apparently “negative” inflation rate? No. In fact, their other retirement income has likely decreased as a result. The banks are the prime beneficiaries of this strategy…but have bank fees been going up? Check.

The actual “Senior Inflation” rate over last year and the year to come will probably hover somewhere around 5-10%—and more, if the inflationary seeds of the current government’s reckless policy of running the Treasury’s printing presses day and night begin to take root. But does that government seem to care? Un-uh. This utter callousness towards 58 million of our country’s elderly is unconscionable. Do most of them still vote? Check. Look for a backlash at the polls three weeks from today.


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