Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What If You Wrote a Blog and No One Read It?

...'cause that's how I feel today. I was so excited on Saturday when I zapped my maiden effort into cyberspace, believing that the world would surely beat a path to my blog's doorway. I mean, catchy title, interesting info about tornadoes and Sisyphus complexes, and vague promises of more to come - what more does the world want in a blog?

But so far the silence is deafening. Is anybody out there? Or is it all a hoax designed to keep me indoors on a beautiful high-summer day tapping away on a plastic keyboard connected to...well, to what?

But all is not in vain. A young lady just sat down next to me and said "Hello" and we started to talk about another Greenwich syndrome, judgmentalism. In this town, appearance becomes reality, the book is judged by the cover, and the size of the bank account has replaced penile length as the local macho measurement of choice.

It was not always thus. Time was, back in the day, when most people in town were just folks, regardless of physical or financial endowment. That era, IMHO, died with Dottie Bush back in the early 1990s. She was the mother of a sitting president, who even in her 90s would walk down Greenwich Avenue by herself - no nursemaid, let alone a gaggle of Secret Service types dogging her heels. She was candid, down-to-earth, full of fun, and utterly approachable. A real lady, in every sense of the word.

Today, by contrast, the typical Greenwich matron is a trophy wife, driving an ostentatious gas-guzzling SUV, who spends her time having her hair and nails done, and buying baubles for her personal adornment. She is usually too busy with her cell phone (even while driving) to pay attention to you, or whoever else with whom she may be sharing the road. If she happens to cut you off and you beep to let her know there are other people on the road, she is likely to lower the window, flip you the bird, and let fly with a string of four-letter words that would do a sailor proud. Her young children in the back seat get an early education in both the vocabulary and manners of a Greenwich parvenue.

Well, I'm going to stop there for now, with thanks to Laurie for giving me the Topic of the Day. If there really is anyone out there, leave a comment or two. I know there are Greenwich airheads who will walk down Greenwich Avenue with their cell phones at their ears pretending to carry on a conversation so that everyone will think they have friends, but I'm not one of them. So if you happen to read this, click the little comment button and let me know you're there. Thanks!


Blogger saraclaradara said...

Uh-Oh. I drive an SUV. And get my nails done.

Will you still be my friend?

July 28, 2006 3:25 PM  
Blogger Bill Clark said...

Ever and always!

August 01, 2006 1:42 PM  

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