Friday, September 08, 2006

Storm Pics (well, the aftermath)

Here we go with another try at uploading pics (click on them to get the wide-screen Cinemax view):

Ah, that's only took five seconds, and more to the point, it worked! Here we see another hapless vessel on the rocks near the Watsons' erstwhile house.

Further along the promontory, you can see a couple of others that wandered from their moorings. The cabin cruiser at left is pretty much a goner.

This picture shows the former Roebling estate. John Augustus Roebling was the architect of the Brooklyn Bridge, and the work was completed by his son, Washington Augustus Roebling. The mini version of the bridge always attracts comments from ferry riders - "Gee, Mom, that looks like the Brooklyn Bridge over there" - and your helpful scribe will occasionally tell the tot that there's a reason for everything, including that. The estate is currently home to the art-collecting Hascoes, who have added extensively to the house and lavished much attention on the grounds.

Well, now that I'm having better luck in the visual aids department, maybe I'll try to prettify this blog more in the future...and perhaps get the author babe to try another pic that shows more than the fact that I'm in dire need of a haircut!


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