Thursday, August 10, 2006

Greenwich Wins the Bill Clark Challenge!

I must admit I am impressed...according to yesterday's LR report, some 51% of our local voters *did* make it to the polls. So my somewhat tart comments of two days ago do not apply to them. But as for the other 49%...shame on you, and try to do better in November.

Your local roving scribe went to the Lamont victory party at Augie's on Tuesday night. The place was jammed, and the noise level deafening. Channel 12 did only a so-so job of reporting - the results were updated very slowly, it seemed to me. A reporter from NPR stuck a microphone in my face and asked me to share some opinions with the world at large, which is something I am always happy to do. But the Guinness at Augie's is strong, and although my pronunciamentos seemed brilliant at the time, I'm not exactly sure what they were. Did anyone happen to listen to NPR that night? Did I make a complete and utter ass of myself?

One of the dangers of being a boulevardier here in Greenwich is the profusion of microphones. Many a time I have heard from a friend in the midwest or on the left coast saying that they saw me on TV. From eulogizing Dottie Bush to spouting off re: the occasional PowerBall invasions, yours truly always has a choice word or two to offer. And on a slow news day, guess what? - it gets spread all over the ionosphere. If aliens really are listening in to our human babble, they must be scratching their little green heads, IMHO.

Now we will have to wait and see whether the rest of my Ned Lamont predictions come true. Will the power structure of the Democratic party lean on Lieberman and get him to withdraw his independent candidacy? Because if he siphons enough votes away from Lamont, it's entirely conceivable that the senate seat could go to the Republicans instead. Thus I still believe that Lieberman will eventually see the light - either that, or he will marginalize himself so much that he will not be a serious contender come November.

And then, of course, it's "Mr. Lamont Goes to Washington." I should probably mention the fact that I emailed Bill Richardson about six months ago recommending Ned as a running mate, and if Bill likes that idea, it may be that Ned winds up as VP before making a run for the top. The crystal ball is still a little murky, but by and large I stand by my predictions of Big Things Ahead for Ned.

And now it's time to start the daily round of small things ahead for Bill....


Blogger saraclaradara said...

Let it be the first victory of many for those of us who want this dreadful government out of office.

Hah! Now *you'll* be on a Government Watch List too!

I wrote a letter to Lieberman today, which you can read on my blog:

It looks like the Dem leadership is closing ranks around Ned. As they bloody well should, given that we, the voters, have spoken. And I was always taught that's what democracy is all about. Joe's been hanging out with his pal Bush for too long and has obviously forgotten the definition of democracy.

August 11, 2006 12:05 AM  

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