Friday, July 28, 2006

0 for 4; Lamont vs. Lieberman

Well, guys, that's four blogs posted and zero comments, so it looks as though I'm getting skunked here. But who's counting? Except for me, no one at all, obviously.

Undaunted, I press on. Today's headlines in the local rag concern the number of locals registering to vote in the Democratic primary in a couple of weeks. The choice is hometown boy Ned Lamont vs. long-time incumbent Joe Lieberman. Guess who the locals are probably going to vote for.

And so would I, except that the deadline to switch party affiliations passed sometime back in May. Only new registrants or unaffiliated voters can sign up to play at this point. Here's why I like Ned Lamont: 1) I used to study at the library named for his grandfather; 2) I first met him at the home of Tom and Olive Watson, which gave me a chance to admire the terrific Helga painting in the Watsons' foyer; 3) he's approachable and articulate; and 4) he doesn't kiss George W. Bush. Oh, yeah, and I agree with his positions, too.

Lieberman, by contrast, is sounding whinier than ever. I know I shouldn't dislike a candidate just because his voice gets on my nerves, but the fact remains that it does, and therefore I do. He's also inundating the town with attack robo-calls, which is hardly a gentlemanly thing to do. Ned Lamont's well-written radio ads are much more clever: in one, the narrator purports to present us with George W. Bush, but the voice is actually that of Lieberman parroting Bush's positions. In another, we are warned that over-exposure to Lieberman can be dangerous to our political and economic health. Both ads are fun to listen to, and let Lieberman's words speak for themselves, as it were.

So my guess is that Lamont will out-poll Lieberman on August 8. Lieberman has already promised to run as an independent if he loses, thereby obnoxing many long-time Democrats who feel that the loser in the primary should support the winner. Can Lamont win a three-way race in November? Stay tuned.

That is, if anyone's listening...if you are, please let me know. Writing in the vacuum of cyberspace is a lonely business.


Blogger saraclaradara said...

Well, I ALREADY voted for Lamont -by absentee ballot, since I'm going to be in LA on the 8th.

My father would have a complete conniption if he knew. He said to me: "But Lamont is a guy from a wealthy family whereas Lieberman is a self made man."

To which I replied innocently: "Oh, you mean like George Bush, who you voted for in 2000 AND 2004 is from a wealthy family?"

July 28, 2006 3:20 PM  

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