Friday, August 04, 2006

Portents of the Latest Poll: Will Lamont Go the Distance?

Well, according to the local rag, the Lamont-Lieberman race is all over but the shouting...oh, yeah, let's not forget the voting, too. But Ned clearly has the "big mo", as well as the endorsement of the Gray Lady. The LR, natch, is backing Lieberman, but that's only because they can't ever seem to get anything right in that paper.

So what will happen in November? Can Ned win a three-way race with Lieberman as the spoiler? I think so. Here's why:

Lieberman will tick off so many people with his "Joe first" platform that there will be an organized backlash among Connecticut Democrats to squelch what remains of his tattered candidacy. Remember how he wanted to have it both ways six years ago, staying on the ballot for senator even while running for vice president? People weren't too pleased about that, and will, I suspect, be even less pleased by his so-called "independent" candidacy. Lieberman independent?! It is to laugh....

Thus the great majority of Connecticut Democrats will, I predict, vote for Ned in November. And since CT has more Dems than Reps, that alone should give him a majority. But let's not forget the many registered Republicans (::ahem::) who will undoubtedly vote for him as well. They will, IMHO, provide the icing on the cake of what should be a strong and convincing victory for Ned.

But wait, there's more. When I chose the headline for this post, I was already looking past November. With all the national attention this race has attracted, what will happen once "Mr. Lamont goes to Washington"? Will the inevitable comparisons with JFK be drawn? You betcha. Youthful, charismatic, you think the Democrats will have the good sense to glom onto Ned as a standard bearer in the next national election? They'd be fools not to.

For Gore is a goner, and Lieberman a has-been. There's Kerry, who can play the RC card as Kennedy did, but who may be excommunicated by, Benedict...for his liberal stance on social issues. Besides, he went to the wrong college...the last thing we need right now is another Yalie as president, wouldn't you agree?

Ned will be 54 in another two years, which means he could devote the prime of his life to trying to fix the problems of this country, and those with whom we have been messing for the last decade or two. He could then retire at 62, take partial Social Security (just to show that he fixed that problem, too), and write his memoirs. Or, more likely, go back to running his company and doing good in the local and international community.

Well, there you have it, folks: the crystal-ball scenario for the next decade of our national life. Just remember, you read it here first!


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