Monday, January 22, 2007

AuthorWhiz Turns 28; AuthorBabe Falls Off the Map

Yes, the talented and graceful Diana Peterfreund has turned twenty-eight, and consequently - well, at least subsequently - has done a total make-over of her blog site. The occasion clearly calls for a poem (sweet Blogspot, run smoothly till I end my song!):

A Birthday Ode to Diana

Charge your glasses! Toasts aplenty!
Our Diana's eight-and-twenty!
Here's to her and all her books,
With their clever plotting hooks,
Their twists and turns, their curves and bends,
Telling of Amy and her friends.
For SSG, Sub Rosa, too,
Our congratulations due
We humbly proffer; we can't wait
For Number Three to apparate!
OK, I'm done now - Hallmark's calling -
(To work for them would be so galling),
But before I call it quits,
Or my muse goes on the fritz,
Let us now our voices raise,
United in Diana's praise:
Charge your glasses! Toasts aplenty!
Our Diana's eight-and-twenty!

I'll bet part of her wishes the next book would just "apparate", but hey, Diana, that would spoil the fun - and besides, what would you blog about if books simply appeared at the wave of a magic wand? The weather? Hey - wait a minute - that's one of *my* topics!

Meanwhile, the AuthorBabe has been AWOL from cyberspace for over three weeks - what gives, saraclaradara? Maybe another poem will help:

Where, O where has the AuthorBabe gone,
O where, O where can she be?
With her wit so sharp and her mots so bons,
O where, O where can she be?

Well, either that will bring her back or make her keep on running - time will tell.

That's the news for today, folks. If anyone spots the AB bopping around Greenwich, send up a flare. It's just not the same around here without her.


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