Thursday, January 11, 2007


Yes, dear reader, your scribe is reduced to twiddling his thumbs while he waits for Town Hall to restore Internet service to all town departments, including the libraries. What was it he said so presciently yesterday? Ah, yes:

Some years ago the library had its own server, but under Jimmy Lash everything has now been consolidated in the bowels of Town Hall. This means that if Town Hall goes down - as happens from time to time - every other town department, including the libraries, goes down as well.

While your scribe endeavors to speak only truth in his posts, it's a bit disconcerting to be proven right yet again, and so quickly. What am I, a crystal ball? Apparently.

So take heart, faithful readers, and beware! ye ungodly. Magna veritas, et praevalebit, as is written so eloquently in II Esdras. George Washington added his own codicil: "The truth is great, and will prevail - so long as we take steps to make it known." Always liked that, myself. And have found it to be true, as well.

Didn't Washington also warn us in his Farewell Address to beware of getting involved in foreign entanglements? Sigh...I read in today's news that our 43rd President wants to entangle us yet further in the endless morass of his own making. Some people never learn....

So witness for the truth, dear reader, and speak it to power, however uncomfortable or even dangerous that may be. It's really the only way to live. Right, AuthorBabe?


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