Thursday, January 04, 2007

Local Rag Copycats "Greenwich Gossip"; Weather Records Fall

One always wonders who the many lurkers who follow your scribe's blog with such avidity may be, and one is now beginning to suspect that the Local Rag, aka Yellowwich Time, is one of the culprits. Today's issue, suitable as are all others for lining the bottom of bird cages, has a front-page story on the weather..."first time since 1877," blah, blah, blah. Old news, guys - faithful readers of this blog read the story yesterday.

OK, to be fair (which the LR itself rarely is), they have included some background on local businessmen like Joe Cosgrove of Gordon's Gateway to Sports in Cos Cob, and Dick Hoyt of Outdoor Traders, located these days on Arch Street. They're hurting, as you might expect. But undoubtedly many other citizens of Town, especially those on fixed incomes, are very glad of the respite in their fuel bills.

Yesterday your scribe mused, "Will we wind up setting some kind of record for the latest onset of the winter snows since time immemorial, to which the memory of man runneth not to the contrary? Seems possible, at least." And today WCBS radio provided the answer: Yes. Today is the day we pass the snowless record of the winter of 1877-8. So here we are, folks, breaking new ground in the annals of time immemorial - something that doesn't happen every day, for sure. And we may be setting some daily temperature records as well before the weekend is out.

I am pleased to report a sighting of the AuthorBabe yesterday, who, sad to say, is not brown as a berry as had been expected. Moreover, her "cement sinuses" - her phrase, as those who have read her recent blogs will know - have now turned into infected sinuses. But she looked mighty fine, for all that, and was a sight for sore eyes (mine - seems that everyone has to kvetch about their ailments, no?). I think being in love is good for her.

Well, to get back to the weather, it seems a sin to be indoors blogging when the outdoors is so warm and beckoning. Maybe I'll head over to the beach....


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