Friday, January 05, 2007

"Is My Daughter-in-Law Going to Jail?", Part 2

Faithful readers of this blog will remember that your scribe happened to overhear these words in the local supermarket as he was toting his groceries out to the car. The speaker was George Allen Smith III, father of the hapless George Allen Smith IV, who mysteriously disappeared on his honeymoon cruise after being kicked in the nuts by his loving wife, Jennifer Hagel-Smith.

To refresh your memory, the rest of Mr. Smith's comment appeared to express anger, and presumably disappointment, that the answer to his question was in the negative. And now comes the news that rather than going to jail, Jennifer will be going to the bank.

The cruise line, Royal Carribean, has now ironed out the settlement terms with Ms. Hagel-Smith. Some $950,000 will go to George IV's estate, of which she is the prime beneficiary; her legal fees of $110,000 will be paid; her token sop of $25,000 to set up a foundation in dear Georgie's memory will be matched; and Dr. Henry Lee's fees of $60,000 will be covered. Not a bad haul for a widow whose "marriage", if such it was, lasted less than a week.

The elder Smiths are upset. It appears that they may try to contest the settlement. Contrary to your scribe, who thinks that Jennifer made out like a bandit, they think a million dollars is way too little. Not to mention the fact that they would get, at most, only a couple of hundred grand, while Jennifer would walk away with the rest.

And so, dear reader, one expects that we have not heard the last of the feud between the Smiths and their not-so-beloved daughter-in-law. Look for more juicy developments in the weeks and months ahead as these wonderful exemplars of Greenwich citizenry continue to wash their laundry in public. Your scribe, as always, will endeavor to keep you posted.


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