Saturday, March 17, 2007


Your scribe's email inbox has been a busy place recently. Perhaps his earlier hopes/predictions of detente between Town Hall and the RTM were misplaced. A move to override two RTM votes and to cut the body's size has been made by the First Selectman, and there is widespread anger around Town.

The latest expression of this anger is a draft petition of a "Sense of the Meeting Resolution" to "symbolically impeach the First Selectman, and the entire Board of Selectman [sic]." Oh, my, dear reader, is open warfare about to break out? As most people in Town know, a sense of the meeting resolution has no force or effect whatsoever, but it does express the opinion of the members of the body. The "I-word" has been used, even if only symbolically - the first time in Town history, to the best of your scribe's knowledge, that it has ever been invoked.

Leaving aside the question of how one is to construe a "symbolic" impeachment (will there be a hanging in effigy on the Town green?), it will be interesting to see if this draft petition goes anywhere. All it takes to place a matter like this on the next RTM Call (i. e., agenda) is a piece of paper with the signatures of 20 registered voters. Since the membership of the RTM is at present some 230 elected citizens, that could presumably happen in less than five minutes.

Well, methinks a new bumper sticker will soon be making the rounds to replace the "FLASH" ovals that were popular a few months ago among members of the police department. Your scribe does not think that "ILASH" works very well, so he hereby suggests a suitably artistic rendition of an eyelash instead. Should prove to be quite a conversation piece around Town.

There will be more to come on this matter, no doubt. Stay tuned!


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