Friday, August 24, 2007

Princess Olga Prepares to Ascend the Throne

Yes, folks, tonight's the night! Tune in to NBC at 9 pm EDT to watch our own home-grown Princess Olga vie for the crown of Miss Teen America.
With the recent passing of Leona Helmsley, Greenwich is temporarily without a resident Queen. All in favor of elevating Princess Olga to the rank of Queen of Greenwich, raise your hands. (We're nothing if not democratic in this Town, even when it comes to electing our Queen!)
If - or rather, when - Olga wins, your scribe will put forth a charter amendment proposal changing Greenwich into a consitutional monarchy, thereby abolishing the post of First Selectman, and turning the reins of power over to the young people of this Town, who can certainly do no worse - and probably a great deal better - at running this place than the politicians have done.


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