Monday, March 16, 2009

Fifteen More Days...

...and then, one hopes, we can finally bid farewell to the Local Rag, aka Yellowwich Time.

Today the Hearst Corporation, owner of our unspeakably inept, incompetent, incorrect, badly-written, slanted, and scurrilous Local Rag, announced the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It will move to an Internet-only presence. Already the parakeet cages and kitty-litter boxes all over Greenwich are wondering what their pets' owners will use as a substitute to line them, should this happen here. And your scribe has no answer for them.

One also wonders if Hearst will close the rag down totally, as in Seattle, and move it to an Internet-only format as well, or whether they will put out a local Greenwich edition of the Connecticut Post. Or perhaps some combination of the two?

One straw in the wind is that after some months of enforced rustication, the talented and opinionated Sarah Darer Littman is once more appearing in the LR. During her unpaid "vacation" she kept up a blogging presence on the Internet. Could be that Hearst needs some computer-savvy people like her to help with the transition from killing trees to pushing electrons around in cyperspace. One wishes that they would fire the unspeakable Bruce Hunter again, and make her the editor; but she's too busy with her successful writing career to want to make such a downward move. Our loss, alas.

And so, dear reader, be sure to save your Yellowwich Time from March 31, 2009. You may be able to put it up on eBay and get back half of the cover price. Or, of course, you can use it one last time in your birdcages and cat boxes. The choice is yours.


Blogger Leigh Russell said...

Glad your crocuses have arrived. We're enjoying the blossom on the trees - spring is so new every year, isn't it?

As for your surplus newspaper - when we were impoverished students in Canterbury, we had another use for newspapers . . . on second thoughts, leave it for your pets!

March 18, 2009 1:47 PM  
Blogger Bill Clark said...

Oh, my! When I lived in Canterbury, we had real toilet tissue on offer - and that was back when the university was still a bunch of sheep farms!

True, the paper was a bit stiff and waxy, unlike the cottony-soft product most Americans use to, er, (euphemism alert) pat their buns, but really, Leigh! I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you!

And, of course, another use of recycled newspapers was in those paper cones in which those yummy fish and chips came from the establishment on Sun Street - or was it Palace Street? Being used to the pristine fast-food packaging from McDonald's, we Yanks experienced a bit of culture shock with that one, but I have to say that the newsprint absorbed the grease very nicely, and the contents of the cone were utterly scrumptious.

Thanks for the memories!

March 19, 2009 10:41 AM  
Blogger Malicious Intent said...

"...unspeakably inept, incompetent, incorrect, badly-written, slanted, and scurrilous Local Rag, announced the demise of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer."

As Yosemite Sam would say "Them's fighting words!"

March 22, 2009 10:09 AM  
Blogger Bill Clark said...

Gee, M. I., I was trying to be nice... ;)

BTW, I am having MAJOR trouble finding your blog these days. How do I link to it? Email me off-line, OK?

March 23, 2009 1:39 PM  

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