Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lin-Lin Follow-Up

Some people just don't get the message. As your scribe was perambulating a wooded path on an island off the coast of Greenwich this morning, he heard noises from in back of him to the effect that "Hey, Bill, we have so been properly introduced, and it happened at Christ Church."

The speaker, of course, was Lin-Lin Lavery, who now seems to be intent on pushing herself onto your scribe whenever their paths happen to cross. Your scribe does not subscribe (as it were) to this sort of childish behavior, and so he merely ignored Lin-Lin's words. Can't the woman take a hint?

As to the veracity of her assertion about a prior introduction, your scribe considers it suspect, particularly in light of her contrary assertion on Thursday that "we haven't formally met yet." This last agrees fully with his own recollection, and he has none whatsoever of a prior face-to-face encounter with Lin-Lin. If such an encounter did in fact occur, he has undoubtedly repressed it; but it is extremely unlikely that it ever did. He and Lin-Lin do not travel in the same circles, never have, and undoubtedly never will.

What will be her next step, one wonders? A signed affidavit from the person who supposedly introduced us? A doctored photograph purporting to show us shaking hands? Your scribe can hardly wait.

Meantime, Lin-Lin continues her habit of injecting herself uninvited into every possible situation that presents itself. When Peter Tesei was asked to unveil a sign this morning, Lin-Lin leaped into the photo op, saying "Oh, we do everything together." The sour grimace on Peter's face said it all. Luckily, his wife Jill was not present, or she might have bopped Lin-Lin then and there.

And so, dear reader, life in the Town of Greenwich goes on its merry way, in spite of the efforts of Lin-Lin to make herself the focal point of everyone's attention. If she should accost you, too, dear reader, simply do as your scribe does and ignore her. Perhaps eventually she'll go away and play in her own sandbox instead of trying to invade yours.


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