Monday, April 27, 2009

The Power of the (Blogger) Press

Your scribe happened to see young Kerrin Kinnear yesterday, who gave him the gladsome news that her erstwhile worthless Greenwich Dollars have (finally) been redeemed at par by a red-faced Chamber of Commerce.

Such a pity that we no longer have the stocks on Greenwich Common, so that we could all be treated to the sight of the unspeakable Mary Ann Morrison being humiliated publicly for her shameless attempt to stiff Kerrin and the rest of the unwary citizenry who were so unwise as to believe that the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce had any credibility worth taking to the bank.

Let us hope, dear reader, that the redemptions came straight out of Mary Ann's bloated salary, and that the Chamber's board of directors will now take a long collective look in the mirror at themselves. The amount of harm that Mary Ann and her minions have done to this Town is incalculable, and the amount of good, if any, microscopic. And yet, say your scribe's sources, the dues are going up?! Eventually our local merchants will start to smarten up, one hopes, if only for their own good. Not to mention that of our long-suffering Town....


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