Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Empty Storefront on Greenwich Avenue...

As your scribe took advantage of yesterday's mild weather to stroll down Greenwich Avenue, he paused at the three empty storefronts that are part of the former Mead's Stationery store and its next-door neighbor. And then he looked across the street at the storefront where Coach had been just a day or two before. It was empty.

Another chain store bites the dust. Was this where the old Cheese Shop used to be? What a loss - a popular local family-owned business where you could meet your friends and buy something you actually wanted was driven out by greed, and replaced by a handbag store where only out-of-towners looking for mall merchandise would venture in. Well, now it, too, is gone, and Greenwich Avenue looks even more like a Western ghost town than it did a week ago.

But there's a silver lining: a local Girl Scout troop was ensconced in front of the vacant store, selling cookies. And they had Thin Mints! Your scribe walked away from their table a happier man, glad that another chain store has left the Avenue and toting two boxes of Thin Mints. A most satisfactory stroll, all in all.


Your scribe has recently heard that the corporate shirts from Coach showed up at the store late on Friday and told everyone that it was closed, effective immediately. No warning, no prior notice of impending unemployment. Everybody grab your stuff and get out. Bye, folks, have a nice life.

Is it any wonder your scribe is glad to see stores like this leave the Avenue?


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