Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Life in Greenwich Just Keeps Getting Crazier...

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A friend writes:

We have just been notified (4/7/09) by the Town of Greenwich that our street number is being changed. This change in Cos Cob on U S 1 is from Salem Street to the Mianus Bridge. My new street number will be 646 instead of 215. The town has given less than 30 days notice and it takes effect May 1, 2009. But the Town has scheduled an open meeting for April 30, 2009 to hear from us. The day before the change. Are they for real?????????? The Post Office will not deliver mail after that date unless the new street number is correct on all mail.

Your scribe had always thought that odd numbers belonged on one side of the street, and even numbers on the other. How can an address change from odd to even without moving across the road?

On the other hand, it is fair to say that understanding the numbering system along Putnam Avenue in this Town has never been easy. Perhaps this is an attempt on someone's part to clarify the hodgepodge system that has been a part of our lives for well nigh a century in Greenwich. But to hold a public meeting to request comments less than 24 hours before the change is to take effect? That's just nuts.

Not to mention refusing to deliver mail to an address that's been valid for longer than most of us have been alive. Surely there should be some sort of grace period - six months or a year, perhaps?

Yes, dear reader, life in Greenwich just keeps getting crazier. And no one seems to be doing anything about it.


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