Thursday, August 20, 2009

Greenwich Post's Novel Idea to Deal with Lack of Advertisers

Yes, dear reader, that perennial laughingstock of Greenwich journalism, the Greenwich (dumb as a) Post, has come up with a great idea to cover up its shrinking advertising base: simply print the same page twice. In today's (August 20) edition, you will find page 13A is duplicated on facing pages, creating an interesting sense of deja-vu. Your scribe even read the column of the Market Witch twice, only to discover that the inane twaddle of Ms. Clark (no relation, thank Heaven) did not improve upon further acquaintance. Herewith a typical Orwellian fantasy from her pen:

"In order for real estate markets to continue to stabilize and improve...." Huh? The real estate market has stabilized? And is improving? What do you suppose they put in their tea over at the Greenwich (dumb as a) Post? Everything your scribe has read recently suggests that the diametrical opposite is true. But of course there's never a competent real estate blogger around when you need one: Chris Fountain has "gone fishing" and closed down his blog for the nonce. Still, you may want to see what he has to say about the matter when he deigns to return and take up his pen again. You can follow him at:

In the meantime, your scribe is kicking himself for having missed the dramatic turn-around in the real estate market, not to mention the fact that he cannot find a pair of 3-D glasses to see if there's a hidden message in the doubly-printed page. Without them, he's getting double vision, not to mention a headache from all the non-sequiturs in the Market Watch column. The headache only gets worse when he starts to wonder which market, in fact, is being watched: the actual one, or a fantasy creation of the Greenwich (dumb as a) Post?

And then, of course, the answer comes: your scribe now recalls that this is the not-so-brilliant paper that actually fired Chris Fountain for daring to write the truth about the coming real estate debacle which continues to threaten to bankrupt the country. Of COURSE they're going to find someone to say the opposite of what Chris said - after all, their advertisers demanded it. The advertisers, that is, who apparently no longer advertise, and thus have forced the paper to print the same page twice rather than simply leave it blank. What was it Hamlet said about the ungodly being hoist by their own petard? Or in this case, perhaps, hoist by their own canards.

Hurry back, Chris! Greenwith hath need of thee.


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