Thursday, September 24, 2009

Here Today...

What is going on at Town Hall, dear reader? On second thought, don't answer that. No one seems to know, as usual.

"I was really shocked," said First Selectman Peter Tesei when his new executive assistant quit after one day on the job. "Something went wrong," said Selectman Peter Crumbine, in a masterpiece of understatement. Lin-Lin Lavery could not be reached for comment; she was too busy checking out your scribe's social schedule in an attempt to find someone, anyone, who could finally introduce her to him.

Details are sparse, including the name of the fly-by-night quondam occupant of the slot. In typical Greenwich fashion, it seems that the wagons are being circled to deny his very existence. Indeed, history is apparently being rewritten: "accepted candidate declined," reads a cryptic e-mail from Town Hall. Oh, so he was only a candidate...he didn't actually spend a day on the job...move along, folks, nothing to see here....

One just never knows what to expect next in the Town of Greenwich, dear reader. Expect the unexpected, and you will never be disappointed, it seems.


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