Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lucia Jansen, WonderWoman

After weeks fraught with discussion, some of it heated, and a concerted campaign by the members of RTM District 7 and the Budget Overview Committee, the Sense of the Meeting resolution co-sponsored by them and based on a brilliant report developed by District 7 member Lucia Jansen passed by a resounding margin last night: 135 for, 41 against, 12 abstaining. The resolution, as almost everyone in Town is aware, calls for greater restraint in municipal spending, and for more participation by all concerned in the budgetary process.

This is not the first time Lucia's heroic efforts have benefited the Town. Anyone who has used the newly-refurbished playground at Bruce Park can attest to how popular it is with children and adults alike. There should be a plaque somewhere in the complex giving credit to Lucia for the countless hours she spent getting first the Junior League, and then the Department of Parks and Recreation, to bring this project to fruition. It wasn't easy, but one look at the result will tell you, dear reader, how worthwhile those hours were.

Where would Greenwich be without the tireless efforts of people like Lucia Jansen? It would be a duller, dingier, less energized place, for sure. It's amazing to think how much one person with determination and drive can accomplish.

Greenwich does not yet have a Woman of the Year award, but we should. And its first recipient should be Lucia Jansen. Thanks, Lucia!


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