Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Was That a Mountain Lion I Saw?

While driving up Glenville Road yesterday afternoon, I saw a very large feline animal cross the road in front of me, moving gracefully and as calmly and coolly as you please. It moved confidently and quickly, but not hurriedly, leapt over a large stone wall, and continued on its purposeful way. Was this the famed Greenwich Mountain Lion, my good FaceBook friend, whose existence is constantly reported by ordinary people, and heatedly denied by the authorities?

At first I thought I was seeing an enormous fox, but the creature was way too large for that. It was at least two to three feet high, and at least three to four feet long. It had long skinny legs, and a surprisingly small head for its sinewy body. It looked as though it could easily run 20-25 MPH without breaking a sweat. I saw heads swivel in the car approaching me and in the car behind me, confirming that this was not a mere figment of the imagination. It crossed the road in three or four strides, cleared the stone wall, and went off to explore the Rockefeller woods. I would bet good money on it to make mincemeat of any dog of any size that had the temerity to cross its path.

And so, gentle reader, I am now a firm believer in the presence in our area of the Greenwich Mountain Lion. Which reminds me: the GML has threatened to bite people who do not get out and vote today. Be warned!


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