Friday, September 15, 2006

Whoops! Where did *that* week go?!

Well, it's been a week since I last graced the blogosphere, and time has clearly not been standing still. I wish I could say it's been a week of humongous accomplishments, but the truth is it's been a week of pre-meetings for the town meeting next Monday. Much heat, and very little light, all in all. But I'll save my rants on the politics in this town for another day.

Speaking of little light, I guess we all know that the days here in Greenwich are getting noticeably shorter. In fact, the equinox is only about a week away, and then we all slip into the SAD mode (Seasonal Affective Disorder, for those who need it spelled out) until the vernal equinox sets things right again. The trees are still wearing their summer verdure, but a drive up Lake Avenue yields an occasional glimpse of red-orange as the maples begin to turn. At this time of year, I would advise you to take a daily drive around the back country, as the scene is changing on almost an hourly basis. That tree that was all green yesterday is tinged with other colors today, and will have still more tomorrow. Each day is an ever-changing work of art in Nature's studio at this time of year, and one should carpe the diem as often as possible to enjoy the show while it lasts.

Hey - why am I still sitting here blogging? I have places to go, trees to see, vistas to enjoy, and a whole bank of batteries of the soul that need to be charged with beauty to carry me through the winter. I'm outta here!


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