Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Time for more pics...

Since we all know they're worth a thousand words, and since it's considerably easier to upload a few of them than to churn out a few thousand words, herewith some views of the Greenwich scene of the past few days (as always, click on the picture for the wide-screen view):

Here we have the cop shop missing about a quarter of its masonry.

And here it's missing about half. You will see more pics of this (and less of the cop shop) in the days to come.

The Greenwich Arts Council held its triennial award ceremony on Sunday. Past recipients have included Barbara Tuchman, Victor Borge, etc. This year's award went to Cynthia Gregory, danseuse extraordinaire. The theatre at Greenwich Academy was full - as you know from a previous post, the town does not yet have a municipal theatre of its own, but will soon get one as the Havemeyer Building is refurbished as an arts center - and we were treated to some fantastic film clips of Cynthia in her heyday. At least one member of the audience (ahem) was converted from a "I can take it or leave it" attitude about ballet to one of "I'll take it!!" Some of the scenes were so beautiful that I had to brush a furtive tear or two from my sentimental eyes. Here is Cynthia onstage at the end of the program (sorry - no telephoto lens on my drugstore camera):

Later, we were treated to a champagne reception and goodies concocted by Jean-Louis of the well-known eponymous restaurant here in town. (Disclaimer: this is not a commercial for him - I can't afford to eat at his multi-star establishment - but merely an acknowledgement of his public-spiritedness.) I snapped a pic of Cynthia and her friend Georgia Tetradis; Georgia owns Beam & Barre here in town, where for the past 25 years the aspiring ballerinas of Greenwich have procured their tutus and accessories.

...well, guess what - the picture function is on the fritz again. Let me get this much into the blogosphere, and try again later for the rest.

Well, here it is at last - the pic of Cynthia (r) and Georgia. Happy campers, both. That completes this blog; starting another one now.


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