Thursday, January 25, 2007

AuthorBabe Back on Map; Takes Local Rag X-Rated

She's baaack! And more irreverent than ever (if possible). The AuthorBabe did her usual bang-up job in her biweekly column in the Local Rag, even taking Yellowwich Time out of its normal journalistic pap PG mode into the X-rated sphere. You go, girl!

Here's the sentence that I had to read twice to be sure I was seeing it correctly:

"So let me get this straight: we’re going to risk 20,000 additional American lives for a strategy that the military commanders on the ground don’t think will work to provide this morally corrupt Administration with a reason to cover their lying asses?"

Ooh, I *like* that. Lying asses! And I don't think we're talking Balaam's pet donkey here, even though he was a talking ass. For one thing, Balaam's ass only spoke the truth, while it seems the AB thinks the Administration's asses do not.

Let's consider (as did the AB's editor, no doubt) what some of the alternatives might have been. Prevaricating posteriors? Nah - no zip there; too namby-pamby. Buccelatory bippies? No good - sounds too much like flatulence. Bullshitting bums? Better - the various puns seem to work well on various levels. But let's face it - as did the AB's editor - lying asses is the phrase juste.

When reached for comment, the AB responded, "Tee hee." Wherever she's been hiding out for the past three weeks, she hasn't lost her sense of humor.

Now, dear reader, for your homework: surf on over to Saramerica and read the AB's column. Your scribe is not the first, nor will he be the last, to say that it should be syndicated nationally. But until it is, you can always read it at the AB's website.


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