Saturday, February 10, 2007

Narnia Comes to Greenwich

As if - we should be so lucky. But I hereby report the quasi-magical appearance of a number of lampposts in Bruce Park that were not there a few days ago. Perhaps Queen Jadis's alter ego, Jimmy Lash, has been tossing purloined bits of London streetlamps around our parkland and they have taken root here.

How to describe them? Ugly doesn't begin to fit the bill. They simply don't belong. Why, in God's name, do we need lampposts in a park that supposedly is only open for use from dawn to dusk?

But that's not all: these lamps appears to be on 24/7. At first I thought they were gaslights, but closer inspection revealed an ugly metal box at the base of each for an electrical connection. Which of course raises another question: has the Town now wired Bruce Park for electricity? Gee, I thought the point of a park was to get away from "mod cons" and to enjoy nature. But now, I suppose, people will be plugging in their boom boxes and DVD players, or charging their cell phones or laptops, exercising their fingers instead of their legs.

Can you spell b-o-o-n-d-o-g-g-l-e, dear reader? Important projects in this town, like the desperate need for a decent auditorium for the high school, are being passed over in favor of ugly faux-rustic lampposts in Bruce Park?! Forget Narnia - I think Greenwich is turning into La-La Land.

It is a constant source of amazement to me that someone in Town Hall is constantly looking through the wrong end of the telescope. Or perhaps several someones - maybe this particular absurdity was sneaked past Jimbo Lash while he was out looking for another constituency in Town to alienate. And what's worse, dear reader, is that no one says "boo" to these asinine wastes of taxpayer dollars. Well, except for your scribe, perhaps....


Does anyone else care to join me in booing these ill-considered and ill-conceived lampposts, with their always-on waste of electricity? I guess Greenwich is not exactly a "green" community these days....


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