Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jimbo Down and Out at the Polls

Some of you may realize that my heaping handfuls of scorn directed at our First Selectman might indicate that he is not among my favorite people. But lest you think I am a raucous voice in the wilderness, shrilly out of step with everyone else in town, let me share the poll results published in today's Local Rag.

The question posed: Who would you like to see run for first selectman on the Republican ticket?
The answers: Peter Tesei (49%), Sam Romeo (36%), Other (8%), and Jim Lash (7%).

Well, there you have it. Even the mysterious "Other" outpolled Jimbo. I seriously doubt there has ever been an incumbent First Selectman here in Greenwich with such a low popularity rating. Even Sherry Breed, to whom many people seemed to assign personal blame for the collapse of the Mianus River bridge, didn't have as many enemies as Jimbo seems to have.

Put another way, 93% of the respondents voted ABL - anybody but Lash. So I think we can now make official what your scribe has been saying in recent posts: Jimmy is a lame duck.

Which is probably why he's trying to ram through so many wildly unpopular items in his last few months. Knowing that so many people in town despise you gives one a certain freedom of action, and Jimbo is availing himself to the fullest. The headline in today's LR reads, "Keep the Cops" - so apparently many in town agree with your scribe that Jimmy's idea to take them off Greenwich Avenue is one of his more airheaded ideas.

Will any of this slow Jimbo down? Personally, I doubt it. In fact, I predict more asinine behavior from him in the months to come. After all, he's already won the title of Most Unpopular First Selectman in History; why shouldn't he go on trying to show us all how much he deserves it?


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