Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Well, folks, your scribe finally betook himself down to CVS to get the latest batch of pics out of the camera and onto a CD. There is much to share - where to begin? How about a picture of spring, in lieu of the vernal season itself that still seems to be eluding us? OK, let's see if I remember how to do this - here goes...

Ah - crocuses! Remember to click on the image to get the full-sized version. This picture was shot from a moving car as the light changed from red to green, but your roving photographer's fears that the image would be blurry turned out to be unfounded.

And now, from spring to fall - the fall of the late Andrew Kissel, whose murder just over a year ago is a cold case getter colder by the day (the feckless Greenwich Gestapo have yet to solve a murder in this Town, as faithful readers of this blog will recall). Here are the remnants of his would-be McMansion, now merely a local eyesore:

Pretty ugly, no? But wait - there's more! Check out the interior view - as hollow as the late Mr. Kissel himelf:

What you see is destined soon to be torn down for scrap - assuming the warped and weathered timbers have any residual value. Meanwhile, the Local Rag reports that the various banks that Kissel defrauded continue to squabble over the few crumbs that are left; and his would-be ex, Hayley, who is now stuck forever with the tag of widow instead of ex-wife, can't even get her $9,000 monthly support allowance awarded by the Greenwich Probate Court. Ah, the trials and tribulations of life here in the 'burbs!

Next follow a bunch of pics of the Greenwich High School spring concert, but methinks it best to put them in with the appropriate post, since I kinda promised to do so. So scroll on down a couple of entries to find them.

Easter at Christ Church was pretty spectacular this year. The Rector, Jeffrey Walker, regaled us with the saga of the scorpion with which he tangled in Texas recently, and how to treat a scorpion bite (eat ice cream to ease the pain) and dispatch the critter to Jesus (grab a nearby boot and pound away). Geoffrey Silver and James Kennerley co-conspired to bring us the Alec Wyton mass, sung in honor of the recently-deceased composer. His son Richard has been a faithful member of the choir here for many years; your scribe paused on the way to the altar rail to shake his hand.

On the way back to his pew, your faithful paparazzo stopped to snap a pic of James at the organ bench:

As you can see, he has his personal TV set atop the console, where he can watch Nickelodeon between playing gigs. (Remember, dear reader, he's just a kid, even if he *is* one of the finest organists in the world.) You can see the back of Richard Wyton's head at the right.

Last night we had another marathon Town Meeting, the main topic of which was the future governance of the Town's nursing home, the Nathanial Witherell. Hundreds of supporters of keeping the NW under the Town's aegis instead of "privatizing" it showed up dressed in red:

The vote was resoundingly in favor of keeping the status quo, which was a cause for much rejoicing.

OK, just one more, and then I'm outta here:


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