Sunday, November 23, 2008

Vermont Dodges a Bullet...

...after Greenwich shoots itself in the foot. The ineffable Betty Sternberg, past master at destroying teacher and parent morale, not to mention repeatedly fibbing to the Representative Town Meeting, somehow made it onto a short list of three candidates for a position overseeing the educational system of the State of Vermont. But, unlike the Town of Greenwich, the State of Vermont wisely promoted from within, and left Betty out in the cold.

Well, that's if you define the cold as a salary and benefits package bordering on $300,000 per annum - by far the highest in Town. As our local economy takes hit after hit from the reeling misfortunes of Wall Street, we still have to keep paying Betty her obscene paycheck, just as we will undoubtedly have to pay her obscene pension benefits for the rest of her natural life. All in all, the walking disaster known as Betty Sternberg will wind up costing the taxpayers of Greenwich somewhere well into the millions of dollars.

Lucky - or rather, smart - Vermont. Unlucky - or rather, stupid - Greenwich.


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