Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Junque Mail from Lin-Lin Lavery

Not content with pestering your scribe, whether on busy Greenwich Avenue or in the relative solitude of Calf Island, Lin-Lin has come up with a new way to try to get his attention: junk mail.

Imagine your scribe's chagrin when he pulled a piece of sheer puffery from his mailbox and read, "Lin-Lin does this...Lin-Lin does that...Lin-Lin is the best! Just ask me! P.S. Send money." Or words to that effect.

Your scribe peered at the address label, hopeful that it might read "Dear Occupant". But no - it had his very own name on it. Well, you've gotta give Lin-Lin credit for trying. If there are new and more annoying ways to torment people waiting to be discovered, Lin-Lin will come up with them.

So now your scribe has to head down to the Post Office, and try to file the postal equivalent of a restraining order against Lin-Lin. Will it work, dear reader? Stay tuned!


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