Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wills and Kate Wedding: Update

The word is that Kate Middleton has paid a recent visit to Westminster Abbey to evaluate its suitability for her forthcoming wedding to Prince William. No surprise here; Wills is said to be opposed to St. Paul's because his mother's marriage there turned out not to be a happy one in the event.

Westminster Abbey is, it would seem, a far preferable venue. The reigning Monarch, Queen Elizabeth, was married there, and it is of course the place where royal coronations take place. Thus the next time Kate would play a starring role at the Abbey will be when Wills and she are crowned King and Queen of England.

As your scribe wrote in his novel, Winning the Lottery, back in June of 2008:

"In the autumn Wills and Kate were married in a grand ceremony at Westminster Abbey. The general feeling in the Royal Family was that St. Paul’s, where Charles and Diana had married, should be given a rest for a bit. Like another half-century or so."

Once again, it is pleasant to see one's fiction becoming fact. And what is this string tied around the scribal finger? Ah, yes--a reminder to pick up a PowerBall ticket today. And to keep his eyes peeled for blonde TV reporters on Greenwich Avenue. Back in February there was a pleasant encounter with Kathryn Hauser of Channel 12 News, who looked for all the world like a dead ringer for Sarah King. But she was already engaged, and was in fact married four months later. So predictive fiction works at its own pace, it seems, and is not to be rushed. Still, it's nice to see that so much of it has already come true since the book first appeared in print just two years ago this month. And that Wills and Kate are making the right choice of where to exchange their vows.


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