Greenwich Gossip

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Silly Season is Over...

...and sanity returns to the Town of Greenwich. The tumult and the shouting dies, and as the dust settles God is still in His heaven and the voters have made all the right choices. The results:

The Board of Selectmen remains unchanged. Peter Tesei has won a third term as First Selectman; Dave Theis came in a comfortable second to retain his seat as Selectman, and Drew Marzullo handily out-polled his running mate John Blankley to keep his seat as well. This Board has served the Town well for the past two years, and we are lucky to have them at the helm for another two.

Carmella Budkins, already a Town institution, continues on as Town Clerk, and Tod Laudonia continues as Tax Collector. The Soviet-style elections for the Board of Estimate and Taxation produced no surprises: with no candidates to oppose them, the slate was unanimously swept into office. Ain't democracy wonderful?

For the first time in living memory, the voters did have a choice of candidates for the Board of Education. And choose they did, resoundingly rejecting the Maryannie/Annie ticket in favor of the O'Neill/von Braun slate by a margin of almost two-to-one. Reportedly Maryannie/Annie had seen the handwriting on the wall, and began to hand out a prepared concession speech as the results became clear. What a pity this document didn't get written and published three or four months ago!

And so, gentle reader, we can all take a deep breath and relax for another two years. That is, all of us who didn't win a post in Town government yesterday. For those good folks, it's back to the grindstone today, and your scribe would like to be the first to thank them in advance for all their efforts on behalf of us all.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Was That a Mountain Lion I Saw?

While driving up Glenville Road yesterday afternoon, I saw a very large feline animal cross the road in front of me, moving gracefully and as calmly and coolly as you please. It moved confidently and quickly, but not hurriedly, leapt over a large stone wall, and continued on its purposeful way. Was this the famed Greenwich Mountain Lion, my good FaceBook friend, whose existence is constantly reported by ordinary people, and heatedly denied by the authorities?

At first I thought I was seeing an enormous fox, but the creature was way too large for that. It was at least two to three feet high, and at least three to four feet long. It had long skinny legs, and a surprisingly small head for its sinewy body. It looked as though it could easily run 20-25 MPH without breaking a sweat. I saw heads swivel in the car approaching me and in the car behind me, confirming that this was not a mere figment of the imagination. It crossed the road in three or four strides, cleared the stone wall, and went off to explore the Rockefeller woods. I would bet good money on it to make mincemeat of any dog of any size that had the temerity to cross its path.

And so, gentle reader, I am now a firm believer in the presence in our area of the Greenwich Mountain Lion. Which reminds me: the GML has threatened to bite people who do not get out and vote today. Be warned!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Local Rag Blots its Escutcheon Yet Again

Yes, folks, the local rag, aka Yellowwich Time, the paper that invariably gets the facts wrong and treats truth in journalism as a rib-splitting joke, has done it again. Flying in the face of sanity and good judgment, it has had the monumental assininity to endorse Maryannie/Annie in the forthcoming municipal elections.

Actually, this should come as no surprise. Had the local rag actually made the more sensible choice to support Barbara O'Neill and Peter von Braun, one might have had to consider revising one's utter contempt for its reportorial and editorial drivel. Thankfully, that will not be necessary.

So all is well in Greenwich, dear reader. We can all continue to disbelieve whatever we read in the local rag, knowing that unlike even the proverbial broken clock, it is almost never right. There is, of course, the occasional fluke, but that only goes to show that there are exceptions to every rule. Put enough monkeys to work, and eventually they will type the works of Shakespeare. But don't hold your breath.