Monday, October 16, 2006

Cop Shop, Part II

I wanted to add more to my blog about Thursday's event at the cop shop parking lot, but realized I finally had a comment for the first time in what seems like weeks. Why the lurkers out there never bother to send a bouquet or a brickbat I'll never know, unless, like Snickerson, they're looking for something intelligent to say and don't want to admit where they got it.

The comment, BTW, was from the Author Babe, whom in retrospect I wish I'd tried to cajole into joining me for the fun and festivities. Since I have a few more words to add about her, I thought it behovely to start a new post, lest she think she'd already been there/read that and not see the add-ons. (Quick sidebar: has anyone ever seen the word "behovely" in a blog before? Are there any other Julian of Norwich fans out there?)

So here's what I was going to add:

Later that afternoon, after my walk in the autumn woods to restore my soul, I passed by the Author Babe's house on my way back to what passes for civilization in these parts, and saw that her curbside was decorated with political signage. Now, as you may know, the AB is a raving Democrat, but we won't hold that against her in this overwhelmingly Republican town (and cradle of the Bush family dynasty) because she is consistently right in what she says, and damned eloquent to boot. Recently, a Republican lawyer, Chip Haslun by name, wrote a letter to the LR praising her most recent column, which pleased the AB no end. I saw Chip at the grave-digging - er, ground-breaking - ceremony, and he professes not to know the AB personally. I told him the loss was his, and to get cracking on reading her blogs, both the PG- and X-rated versions (saraclaradara and saramerica). His law firm colleague and Democratic candidate Ed Krumeich ( was also there, cracking wise as only he can do from the sidelines; I was not the only person there to find much humor in the situation that unfolded before us.

OK, that's the part I was going to add to the previous post. Please be good enough to consider it added, as I now proceed on to the present to bring y'all up to date.

BTW, the reason I use the portmanteau word "y'all" from time to time is because Author Whiz Diana Peterfreund once blogged about the necessity for such a word in everyday language, and I decided to sign on to her eminently worthwhile cause. (Note that Diana would also qualify as an author babe if the epithet were not already taken; check out her publicity photo from her fabulous novel, "Secret Society Girl", at her snarky, funny, and eerily erudite blog, found at Diana's Diversions.)

Thus your scribe will denote Diana as the Author Whiz, because for a 20-something young snip of a Yalie, she writes the most amazing posts about literature and the writing craft. Back when I was at the Yale grad school, the English department was in the hands of the New Critics and the Deconstructionists; how Diana managed to get a solid grounding in the fundamentals they taught us at Harvard is a constant source of wonderment to me. Check out her post today on FPPOV (look it up yourself in her blog, lazybones!) as just one of many outstanding examples of her breath-taking sprezzatura (you DO have a dictionary, dear reader, don't you?).

Ah, yes, I was about to bring you up to the present, and was momentarily sidetracked by my unbounded admiration for the AW (don't worry, AB, I love you, too!). Today's radio headline is that "the Doll" is taking heat for her brazen display of me-firstism at the not-so-grave ground-breaking; the station even played her whopper so as to shred what little credibility she may have had before. It seems that others also noticed that she had no business being on the dias, and there was a generous comment from the state rep who should have been in the Doll's chair and holding her spade that the important thing was that the project is finally underway. I think I've already told you that the Doll is not really our type, having immigrated from California; her shameless behavior and prevarications are finally doing her in, it seems. Or so we can hope....

Well, the weather is doing its fabulous autumn act again, and the woods are calling...miles to go before I sleep, and all that. Soon there will be pics for y'all to see, as soon as I take the last few remaining shots - maybe you'll be treated to some foliage pics to counterbalance the funny but inherently depressing ones of the local pols and their shovelling act. Later!


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