Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Indian Summer; Lightning Strikes

Today's blog is a double-header. Topic one is the 70-degree weather as Mother Nature taunts us before sending in the winter storms. Carpe the diem, as I've said before.

Topic two has to do not with the weather, but a phone call that came in at 8:30 this morning. I raced to pick up, hoping it might be the SB (we've chatted a few times since last week, including a first conversation of nearly two hours - whee! - but otherwise not much to report on that front. Oh, yeah - her favorite color is green.). It was not she, but the manager of the local supermarket, who informed me that I'd won a $50 grocery card in the drawing they held last week. One of the checkout clerks - who has my eleven-digit shopper number memorized, believe it or not - gave me the entry form and told me to fill it out; I told her I never win anything, but went ahead in order to please her. Well, once again, you never know what a day may bring. Not quite as exciting as meeting the SB, but hardly a kick in the backside, either.

The card is pretty nifty: it's like a prepaid phone card, and works like a credit card - you just swipe it and it deducts the current purchase from your balance. Very cool. And a nice lagniappe for an impoverished author.

Feeling lucky, I went out and bought a $93 million PowerBall ticket. I mean, if lightning can strike once, why not twice? If I win, I'll be up there in the same economic bracket as the SB, and can buy the horse farm next to hers so our kids will never run out of open space. Hey - they say, "a dollar and a dream" - so there's a possible dream for you. And I'm still $49 ahead of the game!


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