Monday, October 23, 2006

The Shovel Brigade, and Other Pics

Well, a new roll of film has arrived, and I hasten to share some of the results.

You can see that "Skippy" Snickerson is trying to take the shovel at the right away from the chief of police, a battle he eventually won. He has injected himself, in typical Skippy fashion, between the chief and State Rep Lyle Gibbons; in fact, you would never know she was there except for the fact that the second shovel is being wielded by an unseen presence (remember to click on the picture for the Cinemax view). Hers was the seat on the podium that had been snitched by the "Doll", seen above in flaming red (appropriate); between the two of them, the Doll and Skippy have pretty much obliterated Ms. Gibbons, the one non-interloping pol (the new cop shop is in her district). Sing ho! for the life of a Greenwich politician.

The next picture shows what remained of the cop shop the day before. More than three-quarters of the building is rubble; only the corner with the chief's office remains, with a hole in its window no doubt created by a brick. No, dear reader, it was not my brick (I didn't get mine until the next day); it was most likely thrown by one of Jimmy's many admirers who were part of the lopsided votes of no confidence.

And finally, here it the heap of rubble which is all that remained on the day of the ceremonious shovelling:

Pretty ugly, no? - in death, as in life.

Let me now hasten to reassure you that Greenwich is not as ugly as the three scenes above might indicate. Here is some autumn foliage at the Audubon center in northwest Greenwich:

Now tell me (if you dare) that that doesn't do the soul some good. Go on, click on it! Kinda cleanses the palate, too, after the prior pics. See, dear reader, what a care your humble scribe has for your well-being, that he should let you share the beauty as well as the drab ugliness of Greenwich.


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