Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Something New Under the Sun...

Well, I had hoped to have more to report to you about Thanksgiving in Greenwich, but this year's festivities seem to have been pretty mild-mannered. None of my friends (nor, alas, enemies) had their names printed in the police blotter for driving after imbibing too much holiday cheer; area traffic on I-95 was horrendous but apparently accident-free; and the heavy rains kept most of the non-feathered turkeys out of your scribe's way - always a reason to be thankful, no?

Moving on to today's topic, I will be frank to admit that I had high hopes for my recent blog on "The Date From Hell", and have been disappointed with the underwhelming response to date. Not a single one of my readers has deigned to weigh in with a comment either snarky ("serves you right") or sympathetic ("what did you do to deserve *this*?"). Even the Author Babe, still suffering through the Divorce from Hell, has maintained radio silence. But all is not lost: I mentioned, if you recall, the splendid defensive driving of our cabby on the FDR, which I am still convinced saved us from a truly catastrophic conclusion to an already disastrous date. And that, dear reader, was enough to trigger the following link to "Greenwich Gossip" on Yahoo!:

People discuss online courses: more and more, Defensive Driving Online Course comes up.
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Wow! When I clicked on the link I found out all kinds of hitherto unsuspected information about this blog. For example, it enjoys a ranking of 1,458,581 - whatever that may mean. The sidebars reveal that various people (myself among them, no doubt) have used my hot links to the Author Babe's site, as well as to that of Diana Peterfreund, the Author Whiz. The graph of daily traffic lets us know that "Greenwich Gossip" is "Not in top 100,000", which is hardly surprising; what would have been truly shocking would be to learn that it was. Finally, there is a graph depicting how regular I am (nothing to do with K.Y.B.O., for those of you who may remember the counselor's nightly questions at sleepaway camp back in the last century); my average has been about one post per week (sounds about right), although the graphed output shows a recent spike. Well, gee, now that I know someone out there cares about how often I blog, I guess I'll have to take steps to keep that little graph looking like something that Wall Street might want to buy.

So, dear reader, you may expect that your scribe, thus encouraged, will be sending his golden words and thoughts into the blogosphere more frequently, so that we can all watch the graph go up. Whether the quality of the content will also go up remains to be seen; I'm still sulking over the lack of comments on "The Date From Hell", which I had thought to be one of my minor masterpieces, though apparently no one else does. So I may not knock myself out to that extent anytime soon, you ungrateful wretches, and you'll just have to put up with the consequences.


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