Friday, November 03, 2006

The Time Has Come, the Walrus Said...

...and you all know how that sentence ends. So this blog will cover many things, as the weekend is coming up and I might as well get them out into cyberspace now.

First off, a nanny named Jackie Maldonado made a comment in response to my plea for feedback. She hinted, no doubt correctly, that the nannies in Greenwich have the best gossip about the goings-on in town. So now, dear reader, when you see your faithful scribe chatting up the local nannies, you will know that it is all in the interest of faithful reportage on your behalf.

Jackie also suggested a visit to, which paid off handsomely with this link: Greenwich Weekend Nanny up to no good? 9/18/06. Go ahead, click it, and see what goes on in this town, CT's answer to MA's renowned Peyton Place. Thanks for the tip, Jackie!

No pics yet, but the Walrus quote was inspired by the dinner of my monthly book club, The Walrus & Carpenter Society. The group originally began its existence at the Harvard Club of NYC, but has since migrated to our home turf. Actually, we went out of town last night (indeed, out of state) to a lovely colonial-era home in Bedford, NY. Our group, BTW, is men only, which annoys the distaff side (is that term still PC? - probably not), who are sure that we spend most if not all of our time talking about women. This is a canard, of course - we talk about the book under discussion. But we actually *did* talk about women last night, when someone suggested we make our December meeting coed in honor of the season.

A book that y'all might enjoy reading is "The Dog Dialed 911" - a book of lists compiled by the folks at The Smoking Gun. For local color, check out Diana Ross's attempt to write out the alphabet, the numbers from 1 to 20, and state the date and time. This, of course, relates to the not-so-arduous jail time she did here in Greenwich, when she was allowed out for dinner and even on one occasion to spend the night in her Belle Haven mansion instead of a municipal cell. You will find the details already set forth in this blog, and Diana's rap sheet in TSG's book (along with much else, such as Bill Gates's mug shot from his salad days). Oh, BTW, here's a link to the paperwork on Diana: The Smoking Gun: Archive.

Well, that's it for now. If I decide to add more later, check on back to catch up.


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