Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Well, it's all over but the lever-pulling, at least here in Greenwich, where we still pull levers instead of using more high-tech methodologies. Judging from a story on Yahoo! about chaos in some states where they're using the high-tech stuff for the first time, maybe it's just as well.

The polls still show JoJo "Me First" Lieberman ahead of Ned Lamont, but they were wrong in August, and may be wrong again. Frank Farricker has been all but invisible in his quest to unseat Skippy Snickerson, so I'm not holding out much hope for him. At least he's no longer inaudible: he finally ran a radio spot yesterday and today. But it's very bland, and he doesn't attack Skippy's voting record (or rather, lack thereof), so I would have to say it's too little too late.

Ed Krumeich may fare better against the "Doll", as he has been in the press and on the radio quite a bit. He is a local boy, as you know from reading these pages, and he has also successfully pressed many of the points originally made here in these pages, which I know he reads because he's told me so. (Let's hear it for these pages!)

Meanwhile, the Author Babe is wrapping up her election efforts with a four-hour stint at the polls today before she takes to the skies tomorrow on her way to sunny Scottsdale for a book gig. Dunno where she gets her energy.

The AB posted a quote on her PG-rated blog, saraclaradara. I like it and thought I would share it with you. Note that you're only getting the quote; for further details such as author and title, click on her link.

"Love is one of those countries perpetually stuck in the third world. A republic subject to dictatorships and financial crack-ups and revolutions and droughts and epidemics. A kingdom where sooner or later there's an earthquake, where someone will always come walking out of the blazing ruins unable to understand what's happened, wondering: why me?"

The AB is still in the throes of the three-year never-ending divorce, through which she continues to sally on with unfailing good humor and well-maintained perspective. One never hears a bitter remark issue from her mouth, which in my experience of divorced or divorcing women is unique. Is it any wonder that I consider the AB a paragon among women?

By contrast, I am sorry to report that the SB has been maintaining radio silence all week. Not sure why. I have emailed the AB for advice, since understanding women has always been a weak point in my mental and emotional makeup. But then, there are a lot of men I don't understand, too. Some of them are even running for election today....

There you are, dear reader: we've come full circle, and it's time to get out and seize the day. I hope you all have your little "I voted today!" stickers on!


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