Saturday, December 02, 2006

FLASH in the Pan?!

Something seemingly sinister appears to be afoot in Greenwich. Yesterday, a local cinema proudly displayed the FLASH acronym (Friends of Law Enforcement Against Selectman Harassment) on its marquee, adding a message of support for the men in blue. Today, it has disappeared.

Did First Selectman/Commish Jimmy Lash climb up and take the letters down? Dubious, I think. Did he or the other Jimmy, Chief Wawa, make suggestions or give orders to that effect? Highly probable, IMHO. Free speech is not always protected in this rightward-leaning town.

Even more disturbing, your scribe was told this morning on Greenwich Avenue that some of the police officers themselves have been removing the FLASH stickers from their bumpers. No reason has been given (yet) for this bizarre behavior, but inquiries will be made, rest assured. Perhaps the officers in question have experienced a sudden epiphany of love and affection for the two Jimmies. Or, perhaps, there is some other, less Pollyanna-ish explanation.

To be continued....


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