Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Let It Snow?

When you've had a winter as devoid of the white stuff as this one, the weather forecasters go nuts when there's even the possibility that we might get more than a dusting. So every radio station in the area seems to have made that their lead story today.

Snow is news? Well, if you live in Oneida, NY, perhaps. But here in Greenwich? Guess it's what the pros call a slow news day. No embezzlements, no robberies, no scandals, no picketing at Town Hall, no bizarre pronunciamentoes by Jimbo Lash...yawn...nothing left to talk about but the weather.

I'm no weatherman, but I can sometimes tell which way the wind is blowing. And today, it's simply not. Nor does the air smell like snow is on the way. Put me in the skeptics column on this one.

Moreover, being close to the coast, Greenwich is more likely to get rain than snow. Not that that would be a bad thing; I can't remember when we last had any precipitation around here. If it were summer instead of the dead of the so-called winter season, we'd probably all be talking about the drought.

So...will Greenwich get a weather event today? Stay tuned. (Yawn) (It's a slow news day.)

Update: The above was written about 10 AM, when the skies were gray and overcast. It's now 1 PM, and the skies are blue and sunny. I think the weatherpeople are full of baloney.


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