Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tommy Hilfiger Plants a Tree

Well, quite a few trees, actually. Your scribe's perigrinations on this lovely Saturday morning took him up Round Hill Road, where a number of large flatbed trucks were parked well into the roadway, waiting to offload their burden of an instant forestation project at Tommy's new McMansion. As attentive readers of this blog will remember, your roving reporter had occasion to visit the aforesaid McMansion back in December, and was somewhat underwhelmed by the architecture and the decor. But de gustibus, as the Romans used to say. Your scribe's wardrobe is noticeably lacking in any of Tommy's clothing products, either.

Still, it must be nice to have the wherewithal to plant a plethora of trees, especially at a time when the tree population of the Town has been dwindling. What with storms, utility company pruning projects, and the sheer barbarism of people like the doctor on Beechcroft Road who cut down dozens of trees without a permit, thereby earning the enmity of his neighbors and some stiff fines from the Town, devotees of Joyce Kilmer are not faring well these days. But the doctor has left Town, and Tommy Hilfiger is doing his part, so perhaps there is yet hope.

Update: your scribe happened to be back on Round Hill Road later in the day, and this time he pulled over and grabbed his camera. Look for pics of Tommy's trees in the days to come.


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