Friday, April 20, 2007

Warm and Sunny... the weather in Greenwich today - a most welcome change from the last couple of weeks. Your scribe drove up Taconic Road to attend a tag sale this morning, and is pleased to report that yellow and pink hues are now starting to enliven the still-drab landscape. There are the occasional puddles and debris on some of the roads around Town, but all in all things are much better around here than was the case a week ago.

One reads in today's Local Rag that Mickey Sherman testified as predicted, saying that poor Michael was denied a fair trial because he (Mickey) was never informed of an outlandish theory of the case involving some out-of-towners "going caveman" on hapless Martha. If this attempt on the part of the new defense team doesn't work, word has it that the next effort will be to portray Mickey as incompetent, or, as they say in the legal world, to show that Michael was deprived of effective assistance of counsel. Since Mickey has alwas been one of the most highly-paid and most highly-visible defense attorneys in the area, that should provide for some wholesome entertainment if things progress to that stage.

Well, it's time to get out and enjoy this lovely spring-like weather. The forecast for the weekend calls for temperatures to perhaps reach into the 80s, which pretty much affirms the earlier prediction made here a few days ago, to the effect that we will have a day or so of spring and then jump straight into summer. Seems to be the way it happens around here most years, and this one will apparently be no exception.


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