Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Catching Up

Yikes! It's been a week since I last blogged - whatever *have* I been up to? Let's see, now....

Actually, there's not much to report (or otherwise I would have reported it earlier, duh). School is out, so no more choral concerts or evensongs until the fall. The RTM is also on vacation until September, so no news there. The band shell at the park down by the harbor has disappeared, so no Pops concerts this summer. Your scribe is sorry at the loss of the said band shell, which for a decade or more was the venue of some memorable summer evenings, including the glitzy Diana Ross concert replete with colored lights and costume changes and all the Motown favorites. Ah, well, as Heraclitus reminds us, change is the only constant....

So Paris Hilton is back out of jail today, resolving to lead a "changed life", it is said - good old Heraclitus at work again, no doubt. One hears that she may get six months' probation knocked off her remaining debt to society in return for "community service", which in this case could mean doing a 30-second PSA. Five seconds per month of remitted probation - not a bad deal, it would seem.

On the literary front, Diana Peterfreund's new book, "Under the Rose", hit the shelves on Greenwich Avenue today. It is rumored that it contains a sex scene as steamy as any Paris Hilton videotape, but as this is a family blog, your scribe will refrain from dwelling on this aspect of the book. It is further rumored that the publisher applied invisible glue to the outside cover, such that when someone picks it up and starts to read it, they are unable to put it down. Having started to read an ARC of the book one evening, and not getting to bed until the wee hours of the following morning, your faithful reporter will attest that there may be some truth to this story.

And old man summer is here in full force - hazy, hot, humid 90+ degree weather. It wasn't that long ago that everyone was complaining about the cold and snow. Old Heraclitus would have made a heck of a good weather prognosticator: the forecast is for change. So far he hasn't been wrong yet.


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