Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lin-Lin's Loose Lips: the Ghettos of Greenwich

Ms. Abrasive Personality herself, the ineffable Lin-Lin Lavery, has stirred up more controversy by reportedly referring to two of Greenwich's affordable housing projects, Wilbur Peck and Armstrong Court, as "ghettos". Tone-deaf as she is, Lin-Lin apparently failed to realize that such political rhetoric in this day and age stinks - literally. You know the old joke, dear reader: how do you spell UP backwards? PU. Well, you can't get much stinkier (or PU) than Lin-Lin, it seems.

Of course, she can always try to deny that she actually said it, since the public record of the event at which she made her remark is inexplicably missing that two minute and thirteen second portion of the tape. Well, heck, that's peanuts in comparison with the eighteen and a half minutes that Rose Mary "Stretch" Woods managed to erase in the White House back in 1972; her feat (later shown to be between five and nine separate erasures) far surpasses the one by Paul "I could care less" Curtis in this latest modification of our Town's public records.

Your scribe was somewhat distressed when a long-term friend told him this weekend that he was utterly wrong about Lin-Lin, and that she was the sweetest, kindest, nicest, most wonderful person on earth. She didn't want to hear any evidence to the contrary. Well, perhaps she, too, thinks of our Town's public housing projects as "ghettos", despite her staunch religious convictions. If so, she will continue to stand by Lin-Lin. If not, perhaps she may offer your scribe an apology one of these days. (But he is not holding his breath.)

Meanwhile, there is an increasingly strident effort being made to get people to come to the "Greenwich Has Got Talent" show put on by the increasingly strident Chamber of Commerce (the more empty storefronts on Greenwich Avenue, the more they proclaim themselves as the solution to - rather than the source of - the problem; Josef Goebbels would be proud of how they have have leared to use his "Big Lie" technique, which you can read up on at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Lie). Well, whether or not "Greenwich Has Got Talent" is truth or falsehood, it is unquestionably a solecism of the first order, totally typical of the garbled level of discourse so ardently espoused by our local Chamber of Commerce over the past decade or so.

It should come as no surprise that Lin-Lin Lavery will be one of the exhibits on display at this "talent show". What is surprising is that Peter Tesei was incautious enough to agree to appear as well. Peter, if you don't already know it, Lin-Lin is sure to direct some more of her snide remarks at you that evening. It might be a good time to come down with the 24-hour flu, don't you think?

Of course, Lin-Lin will go on being as snide and abrasive and stinky as ever, whether Peter shows up or not. Frankly, he might do well to avoid getting down on Lin-Lin's level. Your scribe has mentioned before the old adage about why one should avoid mud-wrestling with a pig: you both get dirty, and the pig loves it.

Well, dear reader, it will probably not be long before Lin-Lin's remarks about the ghettos of Greenwich becomes front-page news in the national media. The missing sound bite will only add fuel to the fire. And this person is pretending to be a serious candidate for First Selectman? Only in Greenwich, dear reader, only in Greenwich....


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