Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lin-Lin the Loser

Well, of course she's always been a loser in your scribe's book, ever since the day she so rudely interrupted him on Greenwich Avenue as he was doing the Thursday New York Times crossword. As everyone knows, crosswords from that day on demand somewhat more concentration than, say, the Monday version, so your scribe was somewhat affronted by Lin-Lin's obtruding herself into his life that way - and without even a proper introduction. The rest of that day's story can be found at:

And now, as everyone in Town already knows, she has suffered a well-merited and ignominious defeat at the hands of the voters of Greenwich. Just think, dear reader: if she hadn't bothered to campaign at all, she would probably have come in second or third. But no, she had to open her big mouth, and as a result she has finished a distant fourth.

This means, thank Heaven, that we are finally rid of Lin-Lin in Town politics. Her running mate, Drew Marzullo, garnered more votes than she did, and thus will represent the Democratic Party on the Board of Selectmen. Lin-Lin has been put out to pasture, for good, one hopes. Even the Democrats in this Town have more sense than ever to let her run for public office again.

One curious bit of news that came your scribe's way last night was that Lin-Lin had no fewer than three speeches prepared: one if she won, one if she lost, and a third in which she would announce her intent to challenge the election results. Truly, dear reader, this woman is delusional. In fact, her concession speech said, in part, "As I stand here tonight and look at all of you, I am a winner." Yeah, right, Lin-Lin.

Magnanimous as always, Lin-Lin went on to exhort her supporters as to how they should treat Peter Tesei in the next two years: "Give him Hell!" Wow! Talk about a gracious loser! Is this what they teach in the Junior League?

Perhaps the best comment on last night's results heard by your scribe came from Lt. James Heavey of the Greenwich Police Department. Jim, as many people know, is a Scoutmaster extraordinaire who has devoted his extracurricular time to promoting and supporting the Boy Scouts here in Town. His comment: "I guess character still counts for something here in Greenwich." Right on, Jim.

In other late-breaking election news, dark horse Carmella Budkins swept to victory in the Town Clerk's race. With her win, along with those of Peter Tesei and David Theis and Drew Marzullo, Greenwich is in good hands for the next two years.


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