Friday, October 30, 2009

Lin-Lin Goes Off the Deep End

Another day, another bundle of gaffes from Lin-Lin. How can this woman keep shooting herself in the foot so often and not keel over?

Today's story concerns a Town-wide mailing from Lin-Lin that accuses her opponent of "cronyism" - the very word your scribe used recently in regard to Lin-Lin herself. Once again, dear reader, we see her habitual projection at work.

And once again, it has come back to bite her in the bum. For it turns out that the subject of her accusation, the Town's new harbor master, had never met Peter Tesei until he was nominated for the post. "I wouldn't know Peter from a hole in the wall," says the harbor master. To which Peter adds, "I did not know him before he applied for this position."

But this, of course, makes no difference to Lin-Lin. "Peter has many friends, and [the harbor master] is very affable, and I thought they were friends," Lin-Lin whines. Someone on her campaign committee ought to tell her that her thinking something does not necessarily make it so. Quite the contrary, in fact, from what your scribe has been oberving recently.

But Lin-Lin refuses to back down. "My claims stand," she said petulantly, and went off to consult her hair stylist about her "do" for her swearing-in ceremony.

It gets worse, dear reader. Lin-Lin's mailing went on to say that "Peter Tesei hired a friend [sic] to be our dockmaster [sic], while we pay his salary." Oops. Dockmaster and harbor master are two different jobs. "A typo," Lin-Lin huffs. "So what if I can't spell. And who cares about the difference between a dock and a harbor? They're all down there by the water somewhere. Besides, I have more important things on my mind, like choosing my wardrobe for my coronation as First Selectman. Or is that Selectwoman? Hmmm...maybe I should learn to spell, after all...."

And who is the "we" who pay the harbor master's salary? Lin-Lin seems to suggest that we, the citizens of Greenwich, are paying the princely sum of $750 for the harbor master's annual stipend. Whoops! The harbor master's position is appointed by the Governor of Connecticut, not Peter Tesei, and his paltry $62.50 monthly salary is paid by the State. This is cronyism?!

OK, what else? Oh, yes, the "new boat for the dockmaster [sic]" that was purchased with "taxpayer money", according to Lin-Lin. But, it turns out, the Town already owned the boat. Oops. True, the Town spent around $2,900 to refurbish and repaint the boat to ready it for its new function. And guess who, dear reader, voted to spend that modest sum? Why, Lin-Lin herself, of course. Oh, my! Cronyism at work? You be the judge.

Peter Tesei sums up the whole brouhaha about Lin-Lin's mendacious mailing this way: "It's not reflective of the truth. To make such statements so irresponsibly...calls into question [her] judgment...behavior like that will get the Town into lawsuits."

Yes, Peter, it will. The harbor master apparently has no plans at the moment to sue Lin-Lin for her reckless, untrue, and slanderous statements, but if he chose to do so, he would have a pretty good case. Fortunately, for the moment Lin-Lin is still a private citizen, and thus only she and her campaign committee would be liable at this point. But what if by some unimaginable twist of a malevolent fate she were actually elected to be First Selectman? Then the Town might be impleaded as a co-defendant, and the taxpayer costs would really begin to take off. Can we afford to have Lin-Lin as First Selectman of the Town of Greenwich, dear reader? Your scribe tends to think not.

Finally, it is obviously high time to address the underlying problem here: Lin-Lin is congentially incapable of telling the truth, it seems. A shrink might conceivably diagnose her as a pathological liar, one who is unable to deal with objective truth as perceived by the rest of the world. And while he was at it, he might add denial to his diagnosis: "Everything I said earlier still holds," says an unrepentant Lin-Lin.

Yeah, right. Perhaps it's all still true in Lin-Lin's own little world, but the rest of us happen to know otherwise. Once again, Lin-Lin has managed to marginalize herself still further. Perhaps she ought to do the decent thing and drop out of the race now, before she embarrasses herself, her supporters, and the Town of Greenwich any more than she already has.


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