Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Local Rag Endorses Loser Lin-Lin, Hikes Price

The indescribably pathetic Yellowwich Time, AKA the Local Rag (LR for short) is a never-ceasing source of wonderment. First, it endorsed Lin-Lin the Loud-mouthed Libeler as its candidate for First Selectman, and then it promptly raised its daily newsstand price from 75 cents to one dollar.

Just a few months ago, you could have bought a copy of the LR for a mere 50 cents. Two price hikes in one year? Wow! Bird-cage lining is getting pretty expensive these days.

Can you spot the signs of increasing desperation at the no-longer local Local Rag, dear reader? From utter abdication of editorial integrity to frantic firings to ludicrous price hikes, they are everywhere to be seen. Thank God the Hearst Corporation will soon be putting this sick puppy out of its misery.


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