Friday, April 01, 2011

Peter Tesei Puts On His White Hat...

...and rides to the rescue of the Greenwich High School auditorium project.

In a stunning reversal of fortune for the long-awaited, long-postponed MISA project, which less than a day ago seemed doomed to a negative BET vote of 6-5, last night's meeting resulted in the unanimous approval of a two-stage funding commitment that will catapult Greenwich High's music and drama facilities from last place in the State to first place. By offering to defer the Central Fire Station project until FY 2014, First Selectman Tesei paved the way for the fiscal conservatives in Town to approve the MISA project, spread out over FY 2012 and 2013. Brilliant!

Mr. Tesei, as well as many members of the BET, were clearly impressed by the breadth and depth of community support for this all-important project. They listened to the impassioned pleas of their fellow citizens, and found a way to make it all happen.

Well done, Peter! Well done, members of the BET! The people of Greenwich owe you a deep vote of gratitude for last night's outcome.


Blogger Barrie said...

Nice to hear some good news. Education isn't doing well in California. :(

April 04, 2011 4:32 AM  

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